Hey, my name is Joe Alongi, I build integrated cloud-native technology and software applications at IBM for businesses around the globe while living in Buffalo, NY.

Developing software & applications for nearly a decade and graduating from Buffalo State College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Business Administration, I’ve always had a startup-like mindset.

Experience accelerated by team leadership, startups, application development contests, technology mentorship, and networking events allowed me to build a foundation in tech.


  • 2023 – Present Advisory Solution Architect International Business Machines (IBM)

    Leading and engineering reliable and secure software applications with cloud-native technologies for government at enterprise scale. Planning solution architectures for cloud-native, hybrid cloud, and on-premises software with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud services. Architecting enterprise software applications in HTML, CSS, SASS, Python, Linux, JavaScript, Java, Spring, Spring Boot, Kafka, Node.js, React.js, TypeScript, SQL, and NoSQL. Structuring performant RESTful services for connected systems across multiple devices, microservices, and platforms.

    • Transforming solutions for future-ready cloud-native experiences in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
    • Optimizing technological infrastructure through focused resource patterns and measurement
    • Increasing code efficiency and reducing system complexity with reusability
    • Implementing containerized resources for on-demand throughput and availability
  • 2021 – 2023 Advisory Application Developer International Business Machines (IBM)

    Led enterprise client technical implementations of I/O services to Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions across the United States of America. Developed full-stack software applications with cloud-native technologies for integrated microservices to leverage on-premises data centers, hybrid cloud platforms, and establish data warehouses. Engineered Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) frontend, middleware, and backend APIs to automate tasks and service users.

    • Developed performant-focused frontend applications with state-machine middleware
    • Coded software in JavaScript, Node, React, Angular, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Java, Spring, Spring Boot, SQL, and NoSQL
    • Containerized and managed deployed production code with Kubernetes, Open Shift, Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and IBM Cloud services
    • Architected compute-focused infrastructure for automated tasks to populate Document and SQL databases
  • 2021 – 2021 Web & Application Developer Mr. Smith Agency

    Engineered applications in WordPress, Shopify, and JavaScript frameworks for user-first solutions. Led customer application interactions for solutions with Model View Controller (MVC) frameworks, connective API, CRM, and SQL database rollout for businesses in North America and Europe. Developed seamlessly integrated and user-focused solutions using HTML, JSX, CSS, SCSS, SASS, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, Liquid, PHP, and MySQL. Engineered Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, Route53, S3, and GCP infrastructure to build efficient application microservices, served globally through content delivery networks (CDN)s.

    • Developed data connective interfaces to facilitate multi-channel interactions between brands and customers
    • Architected technical integrations in PHP, Liquid, JavaScript, and Java with documentation for customer hand-off
    • Engineered statistical models and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) analytics software applications to analyze interaction data for purchase forecast and user engagement analysis
    • Created custom tool-based software for internal processes and efficiency augmentation
  • 2020 – 2021 UX/UI Specialist & Developer Mr. Smith Agency

    Analyzed, researched, and designed application features for conversion, persuasion, and brand cohesion to support businesses around North America and Europe. Structured data and services for user comprehension, directed to users across focused business-specific use-cases. Engineered experiences with HTML, CSS, SCSS, SASS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL for customer engagements. Advised on frontend systems for improving awareness, product recognition, and application optimization.

    • Crafted, updated, and built user experiences in Sketch and InVision for code translation
    • Developed experience strategies and designs for businesses with agile methodologies
    • Evaluated and used cloud analytics services based on fit, cost, and effectiveness
    • Analyzed conversion ratios and customer metrics for enhancing customer KPIs
  • 2017 – 2020 Software Engineer JustCode

    Engineered full-stack software applications in HTML, CSS, JSX, Tailwind, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Java, React.js, Redux.js, and Node.js through Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, SQL, and MongoDB. Architected JavaScript RESTful services, relational SQL, and document NoSQL backend services with AWS EC2 Application Load Balancers (ALB)s. Collaborated with customers to refactor codebases, create templated applications, and enhance startup software for capital ventures. Implemented observability and version control CI/CD frameworks with Sentry, CircleCI, Git, and GitHub.

    • Developed software applications in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, and AWS technologies
    • Advised on and developed applications for capital venture firms investing in Sports, eSports, Education, eCommerce, and Finance with global investment partners
    • Structured RESTful services, JavaScript Application Programming Interfaces (API)s, and headless Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Led modernization of production React.js, React.js (Native), and Node.js for customers building SaaS tools
  • 2017 – 2020 Artificial Intelligence Researcher JustCode

    Engineered, researched, and developed backend Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, focused on Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Constructed Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbots and backend RESTful applications. Developed AI/ML technologies in Facebook Messenger, Discord, Intercom, Drift, and web applications. Documented viability of AI/ML patterns for industries with insights on contemporary applications of AI/ML for sporting events, eSports, and conversational AI devices.

    • Developed AI/ML applications for Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) neural networks in PyTorch, Python, TensorFlow, and JavaScript
    • Researched methodologies of applying ML to customer interaction in software
    • Advised customers on the integration of cloud AI/ML services for sporting events, eSports, and customer engagement
    • Wrote research articles outlining success factors and forecasted viability of AI/ ML applications
  • 2017 – 2017 Web Development Lead S-One Holdings Corporation

    Engineered system of UI components for frontend systems HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, and PHP. Led team to implement and develop reusable software application components with Model-View-Controller (MVC) in C#/.NET framework integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) NetSuite and MySQL on Azure. Connected product schemas, RESTful services, and CRM integrations for monitoring and analyzing customer interactions. Maintained data warehouse for product governance of Large Format Media/Print Hewlett Packard and Kodak, in thousands of existing and new products for NA, EMEA, and APAC eCommerce offerings.

    • Developed modern product architectures for global eCommerce offering
    • Advised and implemented analytics tooling for monitoring connective ROI of eCommerce services
    • Created conversion-funnel services with CRM and Facebook advertising team to increase sales
    • Led technical data governance effort for brand management product cycle
  • 2016 – 2017 Web Developer S-One Holdings Corporation

    Developed performant full-stack software application features for internal eCommerce systems in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Java, C#/.NET, and MySQL on Azure. Established Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP) pattern for user stories and personas. Coded solutions for new business development, leveraging cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) NetSuite, and SQL services. Localized six (6) translated global languages into code and markdown, creating SQL data structures and schemas for Large Format Media/Print Hewlett Packard and Kodak global product offering.

    • Architected frontend RESTful API modules to enhance customer interaction and data visualization
    • Developed, tested, and implemented custom User Interface (UI) components
    • A/B tested ASP.NET razor views throughout the development lifecycle for user retention
    • Structured product data through dynamically rendered UI components
  • 2014 – 2016 Web Development Intern S-One Holdings Corporation

    Built Progressive Web Applications (PWA), software, and WordPress intranet services with HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Java, and SQL. Performed programmatic data analysis on customer acquisition patterns for new business development in drop-ship services. Structured and parsed 3rd party API services for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) NetSuite and SQL development. Collected user data from social media, tradeshows, and user interactions for streamlining brand communication and web user-management federation. Developed Large Format Media/Print product technical documentation hubs for Hewlett Packard and Kodak to warehouse product information, PDFs, videos, price sheets, and technical specifications.

    • Coded business objectives for customer acquisition for strategic business KPIs
    • Researched and collaborated with business analyst to construct customer personas datasets
    • Analyzed market datasets with customer personas to establish user data models
    • Implemented drop-ship eCommerce software platform with IT and Software team